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James T. “Jim” Doxey, MS LPCS LCAS CCS MAC CRC

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor – NCBLPC #S9193
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist – NCSAPPB #2750
Certified Clinical Supervisor  – NCSAPPB #14854
Master Addictions Counselor – NCCAP # 510302
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CCRC # 114385C


I am Jim Doxey, originally from Fayetteville, and have been in the Wilmington area since I was a small child. I received a BS degree in Business Administration from ECU and dual masters degrees in Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling from ECU. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and have a profound respect for human suffering. I received post graduate training and supervision at Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy in Chapel Hill with concentrations Transactional Analysis, Redecision Therapy, Couple/Family Therapy, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Personality Adaptations and Energy Psychology. I have attended the prestigious Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. I am an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist.


I am especially interested helping people find recovery from a variety of life stresses and events, addiction, mental health and exploring family of origin dynamics. Ultimately, I wish to use my education and experience to help others find personal empowerment and conscious awareness of their environment. Over the years I strongly believe the common thread to what drives me is serving people in finding happy, healthy successful tracks for future growth and development, while gaining self-respect and purpose. I have worked with people in a wide range of socioeconomic situations and backgrounds in good times and bad. I have the strong ability to relate to people and have been able to put people at ease in the worst of circumstances. I am excited helping people contend with difficulties and the most challenging of life experiences. Along with successfully completing the requirements of formal education, my current clinical knowledge and personal life history have provided me with the tools for helping others achieve success and wellbeing.


I have experience with Individual, Group and Family therapy as an Intensive Outpatient Program Therapist, Inpatient Counselor, and Program Coordination and Development. I also provide Clinical Supervision for those seeking licensure and certification with the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & NC Substance Abuse Practice Board. I am dedicated toward continued professional development and quality improvement.

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Elizabeth C. “Clay” Doxey, MS LPC LCAS CSI CRC

Licensed Professional Counselor – NCBLPC #4645
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist – NCSAPPB #925
Certified Clinical Supervisor  – NCSAPPB #20020
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CCRC #49785


Clay Doxey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist with a special interest in women’s issues. She is a Motivational Interviewing Trainer, a Mental Health First Aid Trainer, and an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist.


I am Elizabeth “Clay” Doxey, originally from Columbia, South Carolina.  I have lived in Wilmington since 1993.  I have an undergraduate degree in Business Management from NC State.  Moved beyond words by doing volunteer work in the Women’s Prison in Raleigh, I discovered that women are wounded and damaged by people they love and carry those wounds for life in the forms of mood disorders, PTSD, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders and more.  Men, too, are unspared.  I was inspired to return to school, and attended East Carolina University and earned an MS in Clinical Counseling and Substance Abuse Counseling in 2001.  Since then, I have worked in a variety of clinical settings and in 2013, I started working in Clinical Supervision.  I have the NCBLPC designation of Licensed Professional Counselor, and the NCSAPPB designation of LCAS, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and CCS, Certified Clinical Supervisor.  My clinical orientation is centered in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  I am a MINT Trainer and a Mental Health First Aid Trainer.  My passion is helping women achieve serenity and success through therapy involving identification and pursuit of their values, defusion of unproductive thoughts, and mindfulness.